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Magic Aquarium Junior – Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle


Jisaw Puzzle in new Avatar! Solve, Scan and Play with a Jigsaw Puzzle in a completely new and engaging way with Augmented Reality. Install FREE MagicKiddo App and see your puzzle come alive


Magic Aquarium – Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle

We all love magician! Now your kid can be one.  Using his/her cognitive skills, creativity and motor skills, your kid can assemble MagicKiddo Interactive JigSaw Puzzle. The magic happens after that with MagicKiddo App on your Android/iOS device.  The Jigsaw Puzzle comes alive on screen as a 3D interactive experience.  With Augmented Reality technology, you get to enjoy an interactive experience linked to the Puzzle image. No Playing on screen without doing hands-on activity of assembling puzzle. Parents Love this. And kids love it even more.


Age: 4+

Number of Puzzles: 1

Number of pieces: 18


IMPORTANT: Don't Forget To Download FREE MagicKiddo Augmented Reality App To Experience The Full Magic Of This Puzzle


Steps to follow:

Unbox the Puzzle – You’ll find puzzle pieces, clue image and other help

Assemble the Puzzle – Put all the pieces together to get a beautiful picture

Install MagicKiddo App on


Scan the assembled Puzzle in MagicKiddo App

Follow Best practices mentioned in the box to get perfect Augmented Reality Experience

Get your interactive experience on the screen

Enjoy the Experience

Capture and Share your experience with Others on Social Media

Repeat - as many times as you can


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